5301 Northbound Hwy. 287 Access Road / 5211 Rancho Dr., Arlington, TX

  • Reservation fees are currently $1,000.00 per space. Cremation spaces are $ 500.00 each. Payment may be made to the funeral director or directly to a Hawkins Cemetery representative.

  • Each space allows for one traditional burial or two cremation remains.

  • At ‘Time of Need’ a marker fee in the amount of $ 250.00 is due for each burial. This fee is refundable provided a permanent marker is placed on the space WITHIN ONE YEAR after interment. We ask that the funeral director place a temporary marker at the burial site for temporary identification.

  • A concrete grave liner is required for burial and is ordered by the funeral director.

  • Additional spaces near a deceased family member are often available but to secure a desired location the space fee must be paid in full. A numbered Reservation Certificate will be issued for each pre-need space purchase. At time of need the Certificate should be presented to the funeral director.  It is then returned to Hawkins Cemetery Assoc. along with a Report of Death.

  • Markers are set by appointment at least two days in advance.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.  01/2018

   For more information, please contact Dianne Chance at: 817-360-3217